Many people experience feelings of loss, these are often associated with the death of family members and loved ones; this may also include a family pet or a friend.  However, loss can also be associated with life changing events such as moving school, parents/carers separating or divorcing, siblings moving out of the family home. Feelings of loss are when something or someone we have loved or enjoyed are no longer there.

This can sometimes leave us with feelings of sadness, confusion, frustration, guilt and anger.  These are all healthy feelings when we experience loss.  We may experience all these feelings or not.  There are no rules to loss, it depends on the individual experiencing it and what support that they have around them.

It is also important to remember you may not feel sad all the time, your life carries on each day and sometimes you might feel happy or enjoy something, this can sometimes leave people feeling guilty for enjoying themselves.  REMEMBER you do not have to feel sad or upset all the time.


  • It’s important to talk about these feelings as they come up with people you are close to like a trusted friend. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk to someone who is connected to the same loss, that shared experience can be helpful.
  • If you don’t feel you can talk to parents/carers about this, then speak to another trusted adult or a teacher at school or college.
  • It might help to keep a journal to write down some of the feelings that you’re having. REMEMBER, you can write down fun and happy memories about the loss also.

Where to get help

You can contact BUZZ US to discuss this anonymously.

You can ask school or college to contact Compass BUZZ and request support so we can support your teacher with ideas about how they can support you.

Website www.cruse.org is a great website that offers support and counselling around death and bereavement.

Website www.winstonswish.org is a great site that gives practical information out around death and bereavement.