BEEing Worried

Everybody worries sometimes. Young children tend to worry about things like tests, making friends, BEEing Bullied or being left out of games. Some young people worry about things going on in the world from the things they see or hear.

Sometimes children worry about things they don’t need to worry about. This can happen when children worry about adult problems. Sometimes it is quite good to write all your worries down and ask an adult which worries belong to you.

Sometimes our worries get so big that they stop us enjoying things like seeing friends, or being able to enjoy going to school. Sometimes worries creep into our heads at night and stop us sleeping well.

If you are worried about something, the best thing you can do is tell an adult. They are usually really good at helping to sort worries out.

It will help if you share your worries with your parents or a teacher. They might be able to help you feel better so that your worries don’t get too big. Some children find it hard to talk about their worries, but like to write them down and then hand them to an adult instead.

Where to go for further help:

  • Your school can contact Compass BUZZ to help your teachers support you better in school
  • There is a really good book you could read called A Big Bag of Worries by a lady named Virginia Ironside. This book helps lots of children to understand that when something is worrying us it is better to tell someone else. You might have even heard your parents say “A worry shared is a worry halved”
  • is a great website that promotes mental health and wellbeing for young people.