BEEing Bullied

Bullying is when a person chooses to be unkind on purpose because they want to upset someone else. There are lots of reasons why people choose to be unkind, usually because they are upset themselves or jealous of the person they are bullying.

It is important to know, that no one deserves to be bullied.

If you think it is happening to you, your child or a friend, you should:

  • Tell an adult; a parent or the person that looks after you, a teacher or someone you trust
  • Every school should have an anti-bullying policy so if you don’t want to speak to your teacher-ask your parents/carer to speak to them for you
  • All children should feel safe; whether they are at school or in a club, if someone is upsetting you speak to an adult you trust
  • Remember, its not your fault and you don’t deserve it
  • Even if you think no one cares, there are people who can help you
  • Bullying can be scary, don’t try to deal with it on your own
  • Don’t fight back-the bullying could get worse and you may get hurt

Where to go for further help:

You or your parents/carers can ask school or college to contact Compass BUZZ and request support so we can support your teacher with ideas about how they can support you.

Website is a great website that promotes mental health and wellbeing for young people.

Website is a website that tells you all about bullying and what you can do if it is happening to you