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Compass BUZZ level 1 training

Compass BUZZ offers level 1 –prevention and promotion training which aims to impact the whole school workforce with information, advice and tools on the following:

  • Mental Health and Stigma
  • Risk and Resilience
  • Promoting Wellbeing
  • Promoting a whole school approach to Mental Health

As a result of our Level 1 training we hope to provide educational establishments with:

  • A greater understanding of how Mental Health and Wellbeing affects children and young people
  • Confidence to recognise and reduce stigma
  • The ability to promote Wellbeing
  • Awareness of risk and protective factors and how the resilience framework can be used with children and young people
  • The opportunity to develop a whole school approach to promote mental health and wellbeing

If you would like to see some further information on our Level 1-Prevention and Promotion Training please check our BBC news feature below:

Level 2 training-Early identification of need

This training is for staff who have received our level 1-Prevention and Promotion training. We ask schools to select specific members of staff who will be able to assess need and deliver interventions for children and young people with mild to moderate Mental Health concerns.

Our level 2 training will offer the following:

  • A deeper understanding of feelings and emotions
  • Knowledge of Mental Health disorders
  • Behavioural Presentations
  • Advice on making an assessment
  • Knowledge of other services that could help
  • Information to support Mental Health Problems

As a result of our Level 2 training we hope to provide professionals with:

  • Awareness of how all emotions are healthy and needed
  • An understanding of common mild to moderate Mental Health Disorders
  • Behaviours that may present as a result of a Mental Health problem
  • A deeper understanding of the information needed to help make an assessment on a child or Young Person Mental Health
  • Awareness of other services and what they offer
  • Practical advice on what can be done to help increase Mental Health and Wellbeing within your establishment

Level 3 training- Early help and intervention

For staff who have received our Level 2 training and will be delivering intervention within their educational establishment.

Our level 3 training will offer the following:

  • An evidenced based tool to measure children and young peoples wellbeing
  • The skills and knowledge to deliver interventions
  • Evidence based approaches and resources to deliver one-to-one and group work interventions

Through our Level 3 training we will provide professionals with:

  • An understanding of a wellbeing measurement tool that can be used within interventions
  • The ability to plan interventions
  • The confidence to deliver evidence based interventions

You can also use our request for support process to help you with interventions you are delivering.

Request for Support Service (RFS)

We are also here to help you in your delivery of individual and group work interventions to children and young people.

Using a mixture of evidenced based approaches, wellbeing workers will work with school staff to ensure that tailored, developmental and age appropriate interventions are always delivered.

One-to-one interventions: Wellbeing Workers will co-facilitate, with a member of staff from school a limited number of brief interventions for children and young people presenting with mild to moderate mentalhealth issues.

Group interventions: Are for up to 6 children and young people. They will provide structured, time limited support around the Mental Health and Wellbeing need of the group.

Examples of group interventions to support mild to moderate emotional health difficulties include:

  • Managing low mood
  • Emotional regulation
  • Anxiety and stress (including exam/test pressures)

You can access the request for support process by downloading and filling out one of the below forms and sending back to:


Consent to Hold Information

Joint working agreement FINAL

Young Persons Consent Confidentiality v2.0 081118

BUZZ Privacy notice v2.0 081118

Request for Support Form

Compass BUZZ YP & Parental Information Leaflet

Mental Health Data Set Compass BUZZ Leaflet

If you would prefer to speak with someone before hand you can always ring 01609 777662 and press option 2.


BUZZ US is our new confidential text messaging service for young people aged 11-18. The service allows young people the opportunity to message a Wellbeing Worker for support, signposting, information or advice around mental health and wellbeing. Some of the main reasons young people text BUZZ US are around: anxiety, bullying, self harm, eating problems, self esteem and stress.

If you think that this service would benefit a young person you know, you can recommend they text 07520631168. A Wellbeing Worker is on duty Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday 9-4.30pm. Outside of these hours, a bounce back text will be sent, signposting young people to emergency services and CAMHS crisis team if they need immediate support in the meantime. We aim to reply to all messages within one working day and it must be reminded that this service is not for young people in crisis.

You can also find out information on other North Yorkshire services here to help you if you need further support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The project is free and has been commissioned by 5 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) within North Yorkshire and the North Yorkshire County Council; we are fully funded until 31/08/2020. The only cost to your school is the time in which staff need to complete the training.

Yes. If we bring any resources or materials to use in interventions or group work these will be passed on to you. We are here to upskill your staff and build their confidence in delivering interventions. Therefore anything we use will be left behind in order for them to continue the work confidently in our absence.

Level 2 and 3 will be available from September 2018.

No, we won’t work with a child that is already receiving an intervention at a higher level than what we offer. We deal with mild to moderate mental health issues.

Everyone who comes into contact with children and young  people for example; MSAs/caretaker/teachers etc. This will make sure that everyone within the school has the same knowledge and understands the priorities for promoting positive mental health and wellbeing within the school.

Level 1 training is 2.5hrs, this can be split or can be extended to add a break.

Level 2 and 3 Training is a day long for each level. This could be split into 2 parts for each level if needed.

No, Level 2 Training will be delivered to staff after September 2018. Request for support interventions/group work are separate and can be co delivered with a member of staff from your school for up to 3 co-delivered sessions.

The Head Office for Compass BUZZ is in Northallerton:

Compass BUZZ
North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC)
County Hall
Racecourse Lane

Phone 01609 777 662

Wellbeing workers are based in Prevention Hubs across North Yorkshire.

No, as soon as a date is confirmed towards for the level 1  training  to show the school is committed to a whole school approach the Request for Support can be accessed.

Yes, of course. The training is for all school staff that come into contact with children and young people.

It will always be free training and free request for support. The only cost to you is the time of your staff.

We only work with schools however parents could always contact the school to see if they are aware of the project and what we have to offer.

The main difference is that we aim to train all staff, we are changing the school ethos and reinforcing the whole school approach.

This is a really broad area and if you’re in doubt you can always ring up and ask (call 01609 777662). We tend to work with presenting needs such as stress, anger, bullying, emotional regulation, anxiety, low mood, body image, self esteem and social isolation. This is by no means an exhaustive list but hopefully it gives you an idea of the work we do. The best thing is to follow our request for support pathway and if we aren’t the most suitable organisation, we can help you find out where would be appropriate.

This is brilliant news. You now need to contact your local wellbeing worker by phone or email to arrange a date for delivery. If you do not have the contact details for your local wellbeing worker, please call our specialist administrator on 01609 777662 who will be able to help you.

We can be really flexible about this to meet your needs. Contact your local wellbeing worker to check their availability and let them know if you have any specific dates in mind.

We ask that as many staff as possible attend the level 1 training, to ensure a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing. There is also the checklist that needs completing which your lead contact should have already received. When delivering training, your wellbeing worker will usually require a room with some tables set up for small group work, a computer, board and a projector, plus a flip chart and flip chart paper. You will also be required to print any resources for the training.

We are really trying to encourage a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing and therefore we need all staff to take part in the training. Booking whole school training on mental health sends a message to your staff: that you see mental health and wellbeing as a priority and that it is of value to your school. With everyone in attendance, it enables all professionals to be singing from the same hymn sheet and ensures the use of common language around mental health, and with all staff on board it then becomes possible to change culture. Mental health issues are very common and we therefore don’t think it is good enough for just 1 or 2 people to be trained. We believe that, like safeguarding, mental health is everyone’s business.